11 Best Long Lasting Perfume for Men in India 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Updated on – 05 Feb 2021

Getting the right perfume for yourself and ensuring that it would last longer is a tough job. 

But we have simplified your job by providing you with a list of 11 best long lasting perfumes for men in India, you can easily go through each product to make an informed decision.

Before we start our list of the best long-lasting perfume for men, you must understand the fragrance (notes) you are going to buy, this will help you choose the right perfume that not only will suit your style but also would linger for a longer time.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes – are the first fragrance that you experience when you spray a perfume, this lasts for 15-20 mins but these fragrances are mostly citrus in nature, like lemon, orange and bergamot.

Middle or Heart Notes – make 70% of your perfume, these are mostly floral and fruity notes. Floral notes give a natural feel to any perfume like jasmine, rose and  ylang ylang. 

Fruity notes easily blend with other notes to give a depth in the fragrance. These are like green apple, blackberry, or strawberry.

Base Notes – are the foundation of a perfume, strengthen the scent’s lifetime and linger for the longest time around 6-7 hours or even more. These are mostly woody fragrances like Sandalwood, musk, cedarwood and patchouli.

Best Long Lasting Perfume For Men In India 2021

#1. Titan Skinn Steele

Titan Skinn Steele

If you need a unique fragrance that gives you refreshing aroma all day for regular use or as a party-wear, then Skinn Steele by Titan is an ideal choice for you.

This perfume comes with charismatic woody undertones, sharp hints of pepper and sweetness of vanilla to give you an elegant fragrance for long hours.

The top notes enhance your confidence with a spark of citrus blend as bergamot and pink grapefruit. 

The heart notes of a spicy original of pink pepper, pimento, and nutmeg will make others recognize the uniqueness that you only find in premium fragrances like Hugo Boss or Mont Blanc.

Thanks to the woody base notes of cedarwood with smoky touches of patchouli, sweet vanilla, and roasted tonka beans to provide you long lasting masculine scent.


  • Unique premium fragrance
  • Lingers full day 
  • Stays even if you sweat a lot


  • Not ideal if you don’t like smoky fragrances

Best for – Long lasting unique smoky fragrance for daily as well as party wear

#2. United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Aim High Perfume

United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Aim High Perfume

UCB United Dreams Aim High has a strong smell with slight sweetness that feels refreshing all the time. 

UCB Aim High has top notes of bitter orange, grapefruit and lemon that gives you a fruity punch when you spray. 

That combine with middle notes of aromatic mint, nutmeg, sage and geranium for a refreshing cooling fragrance which is intensified by exotic dashes of patchouli, vetiver, musk and amber.

This helps you get a strong aroma with little sweetness that lingers for a longer time around 5-6 hours.


  • Citrus refreshing fragrance
  • Long lasting effect
  • Strong smell


  • Sweet and Citrus may be overpowering for some people

Best for –  you if citrus-fruity fragrance is your favorite

#3. Park Avenue Eau De Perfume, Conquer

Park Avenue Eau De Perfume, Conquer

Park Avenue Conquer has an intense masculine fragrance that comes with top notes of citrus,blended with middle notes of exotic spices. You get a refreshing punch with a spicy aromatic feel for 7-8 hours.

Infused with a woody vanilla base note that would help you give a calm and smooth aroma in the end that stays with you.

You can use Park Avenue Conquer in day as well as with evening wear.


  • Intense long lasting aroma
  • Lingers 6 to 7 hours
  • Attractive packaging


  • Not so strong smell

Best for –  if you need an evening perfume that lasts the whole night

Best Strong Perfumes That Last Long In 2021

#4. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum For Men

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum For Men

If you want a long lasting perfume in a low budget of Rs. 300 to Rs. 400, then Wild Stone Ultra Sensual can be your choice. You would get a refreshing fragrance that would last for 6-7 hours. 

Top notes of lemon, basil, lavender, and rosemary gives you an instant citrus and floral spark to start your day.

Middle notes of coriander, cardamom, juniper offers a sweet aroma around you that lasts longer.

Base notes have a trio of dry amber, moss, patchouli that provides a deep warm fragrance for your all day wear. 

The Ultra Sensual bottle is transparent with a nice red shaded color that looks attractive. 


  • Strong fragrance
  • Lasts 6-7 hours
  • Inexpensive


  • You have to reapply after 6 hours
  • Some may find the fragrance strong

Best for – Long lasting strong fragrance for daily wear

#5. Hugo Boss Red EDT Spray for Men

Hugo Boss Red EDT Spray for Men

RED by HUGO is a spicy fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. Hugo Red is inspired from hot red metal and gives a signal of solid strength of hot metal. If you like strong happening fragrance, this is a must have for you.

Top notes of grapefruit, pink pepper and galbanum blended with middle notes of rhubarb, cedar and pineapple make a spicy-fruity blend that gives you a refreshing feel.

Deep tonka bean and amber base notes give a strong long lasting masculine aroma.


  • Strong happening fragrance
  • Lasts 7-8 hours
  • Attractive red bottle


  • Some may not comfortable with strong smell

Best for – If you really like strong spicy smell

#6. Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette 

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette

Adidas designs perfumes keeping athletes in focus that results in long lasting fragrances that even work if you sweat while working out. 

If you want a strong masculine fragrance that linger for the whole day, go with Adidas Dynamic Pulse.

You get a freshness of mint and cedar leaves when you spray as these are the top notes. 

Heart notes of fresh green apple and base notes of calming woody blends of exotic Tonka and tobacco notes gives you a long lasting manly punch.


  • Masculine punchy fragrance
  • Lasts 7-8 hours
  • Covers your body odor even if you sweat a lot


  • You have to put on 4-5 sprays every time for better results

Best for – If you sweat a lot or an athlete looking for a long lasting fragrance

Best Long Lasting Perfume For Men Under 500

#7. Wild Stone Thunder Eau De Perfume For Men

Wild Stone Thunder Eau De Perfume For Men

If you want a refreshing cool fragrance that gives you a mild aroma the whole day in a range of Rs. 500, then Wild Stone Thunder is an ideal choice for you.

Top notes combination of grapefruit and orange notes with patchouli and vetiver in the middle give you a cool fruity essence.

The earthy sensation of woody notes in the base adds the irresistible aroma around you.

Wild Stone Thunder perfume is for you if you are an office going man and need a smooth fragrance throughout the day.


  • Mild cooling fragrance
  • Lasts 6-7 hours
  • 4 star rating on Amazon


  • Not ideal for heavy sweating

Best for – If you need a soothing fragrance for regular wear

#8. Denver Hamilton Perfume

Denver Hamilton Perfume

Denver Hamilton is among the top rated perfumes in India that gives you long lasting aroma in a budget of Rs. 500.

The blend of  balsamic woods along with the soothing florals gives you a mystical fragrance that you can put on the whole day.

Denver has a long lasting smell that keeps you feeling energetic for 7-8 hours with ease.


  • Lasts longer around 7-8 hours
  • Gives you woody and floral fragrance 
  • Bottle looks elegant


  • Contains alcohol

Best for – If you are a fan of floral fragrance

#9. Fogg Impressio Scent For Men

Fogg Impressio Scent For Men

Fogg Impressio is a popular perfume that lasts around 4-5 hours to give you a refreshing feel once applied.

Fragrance notes include top notes of ginger, bitter orange, heart notes of rose, jasmine, and honey with base notes of amber accord and sandalwood. 

You get a fruity punch that gives you a refreshing start.

Heart notes give you subtle floral aroma and base notes lingers for the whole day to give you woody masculine aroma of amber and sandalwood.

You can go with FOGG Impressio, if you want a perfume that leaves a strong presence once sprayed and the bottle lasts for months as it has 800 sprays in a single bottle.


  • Lasts 4-5 hours on an average
  • Long lasting bottle with 800 sprays (company claims)
  • Strong fragrance
  • Floral and woody notes give a warm blended aroma


  • Some may find it more strong

Best for – Strong perfume that bottle lasts for months

Best Cheap long Lasting Perfume for men In India 2021

#10. Set Wet Studio X Perfume Spray for Men

Set Wet Studio X Perfume Spray for Men

If you want an inexpensive perfume designed by any specialist, then SET WET Studio X Edge is the best one.  SET WET Studio X Edge perfume spray is designed by celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim to give you a premium feel on a budget.

 SET WET Studio X Edge perfume spray has woody base notes of cedarwood with a spicy mix of musk and amber that help you hide the body odour for the whole day.

This perfume also contains rosemary as a heart note to elevate your mood and its floral, sweet aroma gives you a freshness feeling that lasts 7-8 hours if you don’t sweat much.


  • Lasts 7-8 hours in normal office use
  • Premium scent in budget
  • Designed by a grooming specialist


  • Not suitable if you sweat a lot or in field work

Best for – Long lasting strong fragrance for regular office wear

#11. Axe Signature Gold Italian Perfume, Bergamot and Amber Wood

Axe Signature Gold Italian Perfume, Bergamot and Amber Wood

Axe Signature Gold is a high quality perfume with long lasting fragrance crafted with unique exotic ingredients like Italian Bergamot & Amber Wood for bold & masculine, woody aroma. 

Heart note is sweet vanila that would give you a subtle aroma throughout the day. You can use this enticing perfume with your casual wear while going out with friends.

The matte glass bottle looks premium.


  • Lasts around 5 hours 
  • Masculine sweet aroma
  • Matte glass bottle with minimalist looks


  • Not lasts the whole day
  • Not ideal if you sweat a lot

Best for – casual wear for outing with friends

Best Long Lasting Perfume Brands In India

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is a beauty care company that deals with fragrances, body care solutions, shaving systems and hair care solutions for the grooming products for men.

 Over the years, the Park Avenue is a reputable brand for its quality products on a budget. 

Titan Skinn

Titan is a famous watch brand in India  that has started his fragrance brand as Skinn. They produce premium quality perfumes on a budget.


Denver is among the most saleable deodorant brands in India. Denver has been voted as ‘India most Promising Brand’ in the Men Grooming segment.


AXE is a multinational fragrance brand based in France. AXE is famous for its high quality perfumes.

Wild Stone

Wild Stone is another famous brand in India that deals with fragrances, soaps and talcum powders. Wild stone is known for their long lasting fragrances.

How To Apply Perfume For Long Lasting Fragrance

After a bath, dry yourself and then apply perfume, because when you apply on dry body, the body will absorb it well and give you fragrance for a longer time.

If you are using “Eau de Parfum”, then you should apply small sprays, while using “Eau de Toilette” or “Eau de Cologne” you need to spray larger quantities.

You should apply perfumes at specific points like the wrists, bend of the elbow, behind the ears  and chest, because these body parts are mainly warm and will absorb the fragrance better to give you a long lasting effect.

Don’t spray too close to the body, always spray around 3 cm away from the body to let the perfume spread on the body. 

Final Words

If you are looking for a unique fragrance that would stand you out from the crowd, then go for Steele by Titan Skinn because of its unique smoky aroma.

If you need a strong fragrance, then Wild Stone ultra sensual is the best bet because of its intense smell that lasts 6-7 hours.

If you are looking for a long lasting perfume in budget, Set Wet Studio X as it has a premium fragrance that lingers for a longer time around 7-8 hours without burning hole in your pocket.